Terms of service

Last modified December 4th 2023

1. Introduction
The KBOOM Platform,Kboom.gg, published by KBOOM, a company headquartered at Clichy Levallois, France, and registered with the SIRET number 90943583600020, hereinafter referred to as "KBOOM," aims to assist companies and administrators in fostering growth and engagement by empowering their members to contribute to communities through tools such as quest boards, CRM, and analytics.

As users of the KBOOM Platform, both Community Administrators and Members are collectively referred to as "Users."

2. Purpose
These Terms of Service (hereinafter "ToS") constitute a contract between each User (Administrators or Members) and KBOOM. Access to the KBOOM Platform is contingent upon User compliance with these ToS. By navigating the Platform, the User is deemed to have read and understood these ToS. Upon account creation or each new login, Users expressly accept the ToS.

KBOOM reserves the right to modify the ToS, and Users must accept the updated version to resume access to the Service.

3. Definitions
The following capitalized terms have the meanings assigned to them below:

-User: Administrators and Members of Communities.
-Member: A user participating in one or more Communities, allowed to engage in community activities.
-Administrator: Administrators of a Community who may issue Quests and rewards for Members.
-Quest: A mission edited by the Administrator of a Community, enabling users to earn rewards upon successful completion.
-XP: "Experience point," a reward obtained at the end of a Quest.
-Gold : A ressource reward obtained after completing a Quest
-Gem : A Ressource reward obtained when completing certain adventures or ranking in the top 1000 of the leaderboard.
-Server ; A user joins a server when he adds a team to his "teams to follow". The server is exclusive to the team he has chosen and the administrator can engage with his server to offer personalised quests to his users.
-Adventure: A competition open to all members with a limited supply of rewards and specific quests to complete.
-Community: The set of users performing Quests under the same Administrator.
-Website Partners: Companies with Administrator status on the Platform.

4. Services
KBOOM offers various Services based on user types. Users are granted a limited right to access and use the Services during their usage, contingent upon compliance with these Tos.

4.1. Member Services
Members have access to the following Services:

Access to their homepage for profile and Community settings.
Access to personalized Quests based on followed servers.
Access to the leaderboards to track Gold.
Access to notifications.
Access to a Gem and Gold shop
Members can earn rewards by completing Quests, Adventures and Leaderboard rankings.
Access to delete their account and personal information

4.2. Administrator Services
Administrators have access to the following services:

Access to their homepage for Quest management.
Access to the Quest and adventure creation tool
Access to notifications, reviews, and integrations.
Access to member  settings.
Access to their profile page, where they can change their brand images, teams, players, streamers and social accounts.
Access to their social and Server data.
Access to their shop sales, orders and stock.
Administrators can edit, duplicate, and manage Quests, with specific details required for each Quest.
The adventures allow administrators to reward their top contributors.
Access to delete their account and personal information

5. Registration
User access to the service is limited to those connecting through a KBOOM account. Users are responsible for protecting and keeping credentials confidential.

Users can register either through an Administrator's invitation or directly. The registration process includes providing necessary information and granting KBOOM a license to host, copy, and use User data for service provision.

6. User's Obligations
Users commit to complying with ToS and applicable laws, respecting third-party rights. Obligations include not disclosing personal information without consent, avoiding illegal content, and refraining from harassment.In case of breach, KBOOM reserves the right to suspend User access.

7. Platform Accessibility
KBOOM implements means for a high-quality service but does not guarantee uninterrupted access. KBOOM is bound by an obligation of means, and the Platform is provided "as is." Platform access may be suspended for maintenance.

8. Hypertext Link or Button link
Certain functionalities may require interaction with other websites. Users must read and adhere to the Terms of Sse of partner websites.

9. Intellectual Property
The Platform's content is the exclusive property of KBOOM, protected by intellectual property laws. Users are authorized for personal and temporary browsing. Users must refrain from extracting, using, or exploiting Platform elements without consent.

10. Developments and APIs
Users are not granted access to KBOOM's APIs unless agreed upon by KBOOM management and a signed partnership. Users may not sell or redistribute API access. KBOOM reserves the right to audit any partnered use of its API.

11. GDPR
Personal data processing is detailed in the Privacy Policy. Users are invited to consult the Privacy Policy for information on personal data processing.

12. Liability
KBOOM is not liable for User use of the Platform. KBOOM is not responsible for User Content, and Users bear the risk of downloads and external links.

13. Duration
These ToS are entered for an indefinite period. KBOOM may suspend access for ToS violations.

14. Miscellaneous
Users represent having validly entered these ToS. If any provision is illegal, other provisions remain in effect. Sections on Intellectual Property, Liability, Miscellaneous, and Applicable laws survive termination.

15. Applicable Law
These ToS are governed by French law. Disputes are subject to attempts at amicable settlement and, if unsuccessful, exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.

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