Stars, Bands and the Esports Hoopla: Understanding the American Esports Fans

1 July 2024 | Insights & Opinion

Authored by Ashwathi Ashok, Associate Analyst at Kboom Fanalytics.

The applause of crowd apogee as a player lands the successful headshot. But it’s not your typical American sporting event. This is the Electric world of sports and the fans cheering are part of the massive and ever-expanding legion – The American esports fanbase.Identifying the unique characteristics of the enthusiastic esports’ fans will be crucial for any teams or brands who want to win over it. This fan analysis will let you explore the data to uncover the American Fanatic: a passionate bunch with a hunger for competition and a strong sense of community.

Pooled by Pixels: A Diverse Esports Fanbase

Esports fans in America is a “melting pot” as this a place with fusion of nationalities, eclipsing age, gender, and location. While millennials (aged 26-41) hold a substantial portion of 33% according to a 2023 Nielsen report, Gen Z (aged 7-25) are rapidly catching up the gap, representing a significant amount of 28% of the audience. This data represents a group of fanbase which falls under the category of the new generation who love and endure connecting with their peers through esports, who are passionate and comfortable with advanced technologies.

Esports on the Flicks and Everywhere Else!

While some might have conventionalized esports fans as cellar inhabitants who are being stuck to PCs, the reality is far more Energetic. The American esports audience enjoys a variety of experiences, other than through smart appliances. According to a recent study by Newzoo, published in June 2024, 64% of American esports fans watch tournaments online, while 42% prefer the electrifying environment of lively events. This clearly highlights the importance and need of an omni-platform approach, where fans can engage with online contents alongside unforgettable live adventures.

“Gaming has been a great way to get to know people. that‘s the part of what I love about games, they are social”
- Rich Sommer, American Actor.

From Fans to Financiers: The American Esports Economy

American esports fans are invested, not just emotionally, but financially as well. The report by Esports Insider reveals that American esports fans spend an average of $152 per year on esports-related merchandise, tickets, and subscriptions. This preparedness to spend money on esports and a 8% consistent yearly growth indicates a dedicated fanbase who are nurtured for deeper engagement through strategic partnerships and exclusive content offerings.

Forging Relations with American Esports Fans: Analytical Approach

How is it possible for esports teams and brands to build stronger connections with these enthusiastic fans?
Here are some foresights based on data analysis:

Building an inclusive community, strengthening the authenticity and creating an omni-channel approach, can cultivate strong bonds within the American esports fan base by the esports teams and brands. Esports in the USA has a vivid future, and those who can clearly understand the characteristics of esports fans will be best positioned to declare victory.
Let’s plunge into the world of the American esports arena! With a huge, passionate and engaged fanbase, the US offers a fertile floor for esports to grow. Leveraging the data and building strong relationships with fans, esports teams and brands can unlock the true potential of this exciting market.

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