New live streaming app SOOP, is all set to challenge Twitch’s dominance with exclusive partnerships & features

SOOP a live streaming platform,developed by the team behind a major Korean live-streaming platform AfreecaTV, is all set to challenge Twitch’s dominance in esports industry. It’s Webpage and mobile versions for Android and Apple are scheduled to launch on June 5 2024. Soop, astreaming platform specially designed for esports industry, will offer realtime translation of live streams in English, Thai, and Chinese.

What sets SOOP apart from the past Twitch challengers, like Mixer & Kick, is the aggression with which it has planned to enter the market. SOOP aims to compete with twitch by leverating its unique features and high profile partnerships.

Here is a list of confirmed exclusive partnership deals signed by SOOP till now:

- Esports Personalities: Collaborations with prominent figures like Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, Byung-chul ‘BuZz’ Yu, Bae ‘Knee’ Jae-Min, Kim ‘EscA’ In-ja, and ACAU AKA ‘Crocodile’.
- Esports Organisations: Partnership with DRX and other industry leaders.
- Thai Streamers: Exclusive streaming by EDWIN, SuperBusS, and FifaTargrean.
- Game Publishers and Tournament Organisers: Collaboration with Riot Games to produce and broadcast VALORANT Challengers Thailand and other tournaments.

In addition to this SOOP will also exclusively stream AfreecaTV Global StarCraft II League (GSL).

Along with Real-time live-stream translation as talked previously, SOOP will also offer features like Multiple channel hosting under one account and integrated virtual streamer avatar creation tool developed by MASCOZ.

At we believe competition is the key to constant evolution of the industry and esports needs it the most. We look forward to see and study how esports fans responds to the features this new player is offering. Moreover, we also look forward to explore the possibilities of incorporating it’s fan engagement ecosystem.