Cricket, Cinema and Esports: A broader sweep of India’s thriving Esports Fanbase

17 June 2024 | Insights & Opinion

Authored by Ashwathi Ashok, Associate Analyst at Kboom Fanalytics.

Namaste to fellow esports enthusiasts! The global landscape of esports is growing, and India is becoming one of the key players. Having a huge population with a massive number of young tech-savvy people and a mobile gaming culture that resonates with a booming esports ecosystem, India’s potential in the esports arena is undeniable. But to have a win over India’s esports market, companies need to understand the unique characteristics of the Indian esports Fanbase.  So, Let’s get into the data and insights that will help you unlock deeper engagement with Indian Fans.

India’s Esports Fanbase: Awakening of sleeping beauty

The Indian esports market is on Fire. According to a recent report by KPMG and Google India, the Indian market for Esports is expanding at a rocket speed and is expected to reach an incredible amount of 170 million USD by 2025, which was an outcome of the surge in digitalization and penetration of smartphones (projected 870 million users by 2025, Statista) and mobile internet (currently at an astounding 820 million users according to IAMAI, June 2024). This results in a possible fanbase for esports teams and brands to comprehend. Imagine a jam-packed stadium cheering for a game winning play in a PUBG Mobile tournament, instead of a cricket six!

The mobile esports scene in India is exploding.With such a passionate and engaged fanbase, India has the potential to become a dominant force in the global esports landscape.- NOtail, Captain of OG Dota 2 Team and TI Champion

Who are these Indian Esports Fans?

Let’s get to know the faces behind the clicks and cheers:

Cricket + Esports = Digital Paradise

Cricket is a national obsession in India, surprisingly this could be a key to unlock the esports fans engagement, as both celebrate teamwork and reflexes. Leveraging the existing passion towards cricket, esports team and brands can develop bridges across and establish relatable account for the esports scene, like incorporation of cricket inspired ingredients. Esports organizations can nurture a sense of national pride by support and promotion for Indian esports players on an international level. Team Vitality’s Shiva “Marz” Nandy or Velocity Gamings Raghav “DeathZz” Panwar can become a role model for a generation, like India cheers for its cricket heroes.

A data driven insight into Indian Esports Fanbase

Understanding the Indian esports fanbase, through a data driven approach supercharging the engagement strategy. 

Conclusion: A wonderful opportunity awaits

The Indian market for esports is a gigantic goldfield that hasn’t been fully tapped into yet. Comprehending the characteristics of the Indian esports fanbase and implementing data driven approach, esports teams and brands can crack the potential of this massive market. From mobile first experiences to partnering with local influencers creating a strong community and engagement, can revolutionize the Indian esports scene. It's time to explore the hidden gem!

“The passion for esports in India is undeniable. With its large and dedicated fanbase, India is poised to become a major force in the global esports scene.” - Lee “Faker” Sang-hook , South Korean professional league of legends player for T1.

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Special thanks to all the esports enthusiasts, influencers, and organizations contributing to the vibrant esports culture in India.