Cheers to Esports! Paris Games Week Charts France's Growing Esports Audience

10 June 2024 | News Article

Authored by Ashwathi Ashok, Associate Analyst at Kboom Fanalytics.

Load up, esports enthusiasts! French esports continue to go global With your newfound statistics, you are going to be one jump closer to diving into the rich deep end of French esports, swarming with avid fans of their own.

French Playmaker: Why France is the eSports Capital of the World

In recent times, eSports have progressed in a remarkably fast manner from a specialized hobby to a universal phenomenon accessed by all. France is a gigantic player on the worldwide eSports scene, sitting as the 6th biggest eSports advert on the planet and going head-to-head with nations including the UK and Germany (source: Statista). Next only to the UK, France had the sixth biggest eSports economy around the world in 2022. As of that year, it was anticipated that the northwest European country would have 9.7 million eSports users according to Statista Market Insight. A poll conducted at that same time revealed that a considerable 94% of French youth among the ages of 15 and 17 played video games, emphasizing the popularity of the medium in the area.
‘All in all, FIFA 23, a game published by industry heavyweights Electronic Arts, was the best selling video game in France as per sales of physical copies.’
Analysts predict this same growth trend will continue and that by 2027, the market for esports competitions in France will reach an enormous 206 million dollars (Statista). French gamers are finding a more immersive gaming experience as major sponsorships are lining up in response to this surge

More on a Sunday... For French Esports Fans

Instead, French esports fans are very passionate about the teams and players they support. Like any football fan, French esports fans wear jerseys, yell for their teams, follow their teams' players on social media, etc. Think about Vitality Bee, the French Twitch superstar who became a million-strong following on Twitch due to his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive prowess.

Bravo to the fan base! Growth Of French Esports Viewership

This is where the fun begins. Between 2020 and 2022, the number of people watching esports in France grew by a remarkable 38%. That would bring the total number of esports enthusiasts in France to 10.8 million by 2022, up from just 7.8 million in 2020 (source: France Esports).

The French Esports fanbase is a rapidly growing, lively enterprise.

Market size and growth - The French eSports market is a large and growing one with around 11.8 million estimated fans, as per figures from France Esports. This represents a meaningful increase over the years that came before.

Market Value - The market is being evaluated at USD 9.10 million by 2023 according to reports But the exact size of the market might vary depending on the source (source: Stellar Market Research). Estimated Growth 2024-2030: The French esports market was analyzed to develop with a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.20% between 2024 and 2030 to reach $ 14.80 million (Source: stellar industry research).

Teenagers: French esports fans, who watch but also play

The French esports market: Let's Play!" The study "2021" from Deloitte shows that 73% of French Esports fans have not yet reached the threshold of 40 years. A trend that is common globally. The aforementioned 93% of French households which are connected to the internet demonstrates a good foundation for online consumption of esports: source - ARCEP "(Digital Barometer 2023)".

Financial Investing: A large portion of French esports fans actually regularly attend esports events and may be some potential buyers of esports related merchandise. Identified with higher monetization rates than other European marketplaces as a stand out case in study by Deloitte.

The Magic Ingredient: Using Data to Ramp Up Fan Excitement

In France, the esports scene is exploding. But if you really want to hit a home run, it's all about making tight connections with fans. Think of data as your secret spice in the recipe for fan engagement.

Boosting Enthusiasm: French Teams and Social Media

Local heroes coming together, both online and at watch parties or in that digital content that everyone ends up talking about. Lighting that spark teaming up with top French players like those from Vitality can generate fireworks of excitement! When there is national pride, local followers skip no chance to encourage their favorites and this is crucial to maintain their victories far and wide. Seed jewels in the territory of French social media platforms, French fans are bees attracted to honey pots on this platform, this is how they spend their time and how they communicate with each other.

Beyond Just Watching: Real-World Experiences for Digital Natives

Fans here aren’t just looking for something to watch; they hunger for real interactions that make them feel part of something bigger like a community experience that appeals directly to their senses like the aroma of fresh popcorn at a movie theater invites you in.

Fill this gap by offering more than what's on screen; create experiences that pull them right into the heart of action! Setting up a platform for fans to interact with their favorite esports team in cities like Lyon and Paris, (like and soaking up the electric atmosphere of live esports events can increase Fan engagement and support the esports arena.

VR Fun Zones & Esports Hangouts

Investing in virtual reality setups that mimic popular esports games is a smart move. Partnership with existing esports ventures to create a platform for watching big matches can be likened to building sandcastles at the beach, everyone gathers around to see what you'll create next! Plus, it's perfect for those who miss old-school racing games but still want to feel part of today’s gaming community.

Cheering on Passionate Fans

French fans are full of fire when it comes to competition. Keep their spirits high through consistent fan engagement.

Interactive Broadcasts

Creating broadcasts with fun activities like live polls, trivia questions, and giveaways. It’s like adding spice to your favorite dish, to make the fans glued!

Membership offers and rewards

loyalty treatments for fans can be in several ways for example, by giving them first dibs on new products or exclusive content. Think meet-and-greets too! Setting up points system rewarding time spent watching streams or for the time spent on the platform. It turns support into an exciting game that keeps them coming back.

Cheers to Esports! A Prosperous Future

The future of esports in France looks very positive. With the ability to draw on its large and fanatical fan base, France can be a major player in the global esports market. Is it time for you to advocate it now? So, this is the perfect time and you are lucky to jump into French esports!

"eSports will rival the biggest traditional sports leagues in terms of future opportunities"   - Steve Bornstein, former CEO of ESPN and current chairman of Activision-Blizzard esports division

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